Our story began in 2021 in Paris, the city where fashion meets art, creativity blooms, and rebellion roars. Bacha was born with a mission to provide free spirits with a unique wardrobe, wrapped in a  distinctive French flair. The brand encapsulates the essence of Parisian style, from the effortless chic to the bold, daring fervor that radiates from the streets. This call of freedom draws us together, regardless of gender, age or identity.


Our collection’s philosophy? To deliver a bold statement, while letting you live life to the fullest. We reinvent classics to ensure that you not only look fabulous, but also feel amazing. Our line features several reversible items that are the perfect fit for any occasion, taking you from day to night or from work all the way to the after-party. We carefully craft each piece in Paris using the highest quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring that it will last for years to come. In style.


We take pride in blending cutting-edge innovations with the finest traditional craftsmanship, to meet the highest sustainability standards. 3D design technology allows us to create exceptional patterns and visuals while saving time and precious resources that would have been lost on prototyping. Our choice to produce everything locally lets us closely collaborate with talented manufactures, while limiting transportation. Last but not least, our fabrics are carefully selected to be natural and eco-friendly, as well as beautiful and comfortable.

Join us on our journey to rethink what it means to be stylish, high-end, and unapologetically unique.
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